Ashley Knutson and Kelly Roule are the joint owners of the Hemp Shoppe, located in Colorado Springs and online, as well as the Herb Shoppe Medical Cannabis Center, also located in Colorado Springs. The Hemp Shoppe exists to provide locally sourced, farm-fresh CBD of the highest quality. Because of their commitment to producing high strains of CBD, they have also invested in a farm in Larkspur, CO so they can closely oversee production from seedlings to oil.

Ashley Knutson and her husband, Kasey, opened The Herb Shoppe in Colorado Springs, CO in May of 2010 with one of the first-ever issued medical marijuana licenses in the nation. As pioneers in the industry, they have been growing high-quality, indoor cannabis for 9+ years. In 2012, Ashley organized a community project entitled, “Cannabis for the Cure”, a walk to raise awareness and money for research on cannabis as a potential cure for cancer and other debilitating conditions.

Ashley started the Naked Hemp Company™ in 2018 after she saw the need in the marketplace for authentic CBD products that could be trusted for their reliable quality, potent formulations and purity—CBD that could be derived from Hemp and made available to people in all 50 states.

In 2018, when Ashley was looking for ways to expand into the hemp industry, she met Kelly, who had a fascinating story about how cannabis had helped her son who’d had a stroke at the age of eight.

Kelly Roule is a member of the Special Olympics Cheer committee and has been a Special Abilities Cheer Coach since 2009. She became interested in the hemp/marijuana industry several years after her eight-year-old son, TJ, had a stroke while her family was on vacation in Mexico. After being life-flighted to Texas Children’s Hospital, TJ was diagnosed with a blood clot to the left frontal lobe of his brain, but the doctors determined no known cause.

He suffered right-side paralysis afterward, and it took him many months to gain full mobility back. Even then, TJ continued to experienced tightness and atrophy on the right side of his body, which was smaller and weaker than his left. His therapists said it was unlikely he would ever be equally strong on both sides.

While away at college, TJ discovered cannabis and how it made his brain and body feel different. It relieved the tightness in his body, and soon he was able to work out, which helped his body to become equally strong on both sides. Cannabis became medicine for him, and he became passionate about researching the amazing advantages of it.

As Kelly says, “At first we thought it was just an excuse to get high with his friends, but then we saw TJ’s passion and knew he needed to be involved in this industry where he can help others and share his story.” She and her husband, Tom, decided they would support him in that direction, and on a rainy Florida day, they happened upon Ashley Knutson online. Realizing they had a woman-to-woman, mom-to-mom connection, Ashley and Kelly soon became partners in the Herb Shoppe.

As the two women discussed possible business expansion, Ashley expressed her desire to provide hemp CBD in addition to medical marijuana. Without hesitation, Kelly said, “Let’s do both!” and the Hemp Shoppe was created.

Until recently, the ability to provide CBD to the public was limited to the borders of Colorado. With the passing of the federal farm bill in 2014, industrialized hemp was legalized, which opened the door for distribution of hemp-derived CBD oil across state lines.

Ashley and Kelly established the Hemp Shoppe with the intention of sourcing and delivering the highest quality hemp CBD oil and making it available locally as well as online to anyone who might benefit from it. Soon they’ll expand into other states as well!